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VNGOC Election Proposal

Dear Colleagues Members of the Vienna NGO Committee on Narcotic Drugs.

Let me greet you fraternally and introduce myself.

I am Rev. Martin Diaz, senior member of IEPES and delegate to the VNGOC. As you must be aware, we are days away from the beginning of the 61st session of the CND and the VNGOC general assembly where new members will be elected to the board of directors, so if you cannot attend, you can delegate your vote via proxy.

In view of the imperative need to make visible the regions and populations most affected by the war on drugs, whose concerns have been raised with the Committee, but which, unfortunately, have remained systematically invisible in the executive positions to this day. That is why a group of very diverse organizations from three continents have agreed to nominate me to the board of the VNGOC and to be the first representative of the invisible regions from the peripheries of the industrialized countries.

It is time to proactively promote the participation of member organisations from invisible regions and invite new organisations to contribute to the diversity and growth of VNGOC;

It is time to strengthen and develop the Marketplace for more effective use by empowering VNGOC member organizations with useful tools.

It is time to deepen the implementation of the MoU with NYNGOC, monitor its efficiency and promote the creation of a committee in the southern hemisphere.

It is time for greater traceability, transparency and accountability in the activities developed by VNGOC vis-à-vis the UN and its members.

As a Salvadoran theologian and priest specialized in human rights and drug policy, I have worked with churches, supra-ecclesial institutions, inter-religious organizations, freethinkers’ associations, NGOs and intergovernmental organizations at the international level.

If I am elected to the Board of the Vienna NGO Committee on Drugs, you will be able to count on an available, young, professional, adogmatic and inclusive, open-minded and transparent official, who is aware of intergenerational collaboration and is trained in the constant communication and organisational aspects of entities such as VNGOC.

With your support we can keep bettering the Committee and the relations of our organizations with the United Nations!

I hope we can meet in person and share during the #CND61.



Rev. Martin Ignacio Diaz Velasquez

VNGOC Candidate Profile


This nomination is the result of dialogue and consensus among the organizations of

three continents. The VNGOC members sponsoring this nomination are:

FAAAT think & do tank | | France/Spain

Nierika | | Mexico

ONG Latinoamérica Reforma | | Chile

Virginians Against Drug Violence | | United States of America

Evangelical Protestant  Church of El Salvador | | El Salvador

Confédération des Associations de Senhaja du Rif pour le Développement | | Morocco

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