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20 marzo, 2017
Espiritualidad y Sustancias Psicoactivas: Una Perspectiva desde el Siglo XXI
23 abril, 2017

Spirituality & psychoactive substances: A perspective from the 21st century

Presentation of the Rvd. Martin Diaz at the Psychedelics Science Conference 2017.

First I will share some elements of ethnobotany and how human beings and drugs have had an intimate and important relationship throughout history. Then I will tell you about the outlawing of sacred plants, how Pope Innocent VIII («Pope Innocent The Eighth») was the first to ban Cannabis and how the birth of Hippocratic medicine began increasing the distance between plants and humans. The nascent science of medicine stated that consuming plants instead of pills or medicines from the pharmacy or doctor was a «sanitary fallacy.»

Today we see examples such as ayahuasca and Peyote, sacred plants that have passed from the jungle and the desert to the global village, and which allow a form of ancestral spirituality in a hyperconnected world. Finally, I will outline a couple of possible systems that would allow us to responsibly regulate controlled substances. It is a fascinating subject, I will tell you what I can in these 15 minutes and I hope to contribute in this «global meeting» that is emerging around, and together with, power plants…Click To Read The Complete Presentation



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